Fixing a Blocked Furnace Exhaust Vent

Troubleshooting Tips When You Lose Heat When your furnace unexpectedly stops working during the harsh Waterford Township winters, it’s crucial to address the issue promptly. While various factors can lead to this problem, some, like a blocked furnace exhaust vent, can be examined and potentially resolved by homeowners themselves.   In this guide from Just Right…

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Furnace Fix on Cedar Island Lake Home

cedar island lake boiler

Just Right Heating & Cooling White Lake HVAC Service There is nothing better than living on one of the gorgeous lakes in White Lake. Unless, of course, it’s the middle of winter and you don’t have a working furnace. That’s exactly the dilemma one resident named Elizabeth ran into last winter. Having lived in her…

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No Heat: February Furnace Call

Just Right Heating & Cooling Service Lakewood Village Just Right Heating & Cooling serves homes and businesses with their winter heating needs in and around Waterford Township, including in White Lake. One of the communities we recently provided many furnace services to was Lakewood Village. In fact, there were several homes on Ellinwood Drive that…

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Lakewood Village Furnace Service

Heater Replacement by Just Right Heating & Cooling Every winter, homes across Michigan are working hard to keep homes safe and warm. When something goes wrong with that heat for residents in Lakewood Village and other communities in White Lake, homeowners call on Just Right Heating & Cooling. Lakewood Village is a beautiful community that…

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Getting the Heat Back On Quickly

Fast Affordable Heating Replacement in Lakewood Village Just Right Heating & Cooling is proud to provide home comfort service to residents in and around White Lake in communities like Lakewood Village. The coldest days of winter are the busiest for our technicians. Over a recent winter, we became pretty familiar with the homes in Lakewood…

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When a Furnace Stopped Heating

Same Day Heating Repair in Lakewood Village Just Right Heating & Cooling is proud to provide home comfort service to residents in and around Waterford Township and White Lake in neighborhoods and subdivisions like Lakewood Village. You have probably seen one of our many vans in your neighborhood handling service calls to one of your…

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What Size of a Furnace Do I Need?

5 Factors for Sizing Heating Units for Michigan Homes The Investment of Home Heating When it’s time to upgrade your furnace, you will be making a big investment for your home. While it may not be an expense you’re looking forward to, you should realize there are major benefits to upgrading the heating system in…

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Cracked Heat Exchanger

Cracks in a furnace’s exchanger

Big Furnace Problem & Carbon Monoxide Threat There are many different problems a furnace could have, especially older ones. Most heating system repairs that homeowners encounter are relatively minor and don’t pose a significant concern. However, a furnace with a cracked heat exchanger is a potentially dangerous problem. A crack in your heat exchanger could…

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Furnace Blows Cold Air: Troubleshooting Tips

dog cold because furnace not working - no heat

Why is cool air coming from my vents? The middle of a cold Michigan winter is the worst time for a furnace to break down. The coldest days are some of the busiest for our repair technicians at Just Right Heating & Cooling. Fortunately, our team has encountered just about every possible problem a heater…

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My Furnace Will Not Stay Lit: Cleaning a Flame Sensor

Flame sensor

A Common Gas Furnace Problem & How to Fix for $1! While there are a lot of parts working inside your heating system, one of the most common reasons for a furnace breaking down is because of one particular part – the flame sensor. Just Right Heating & Cooling has repaired furnaces in the Waterford…

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